Benefits Of CAA Qualification

The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification establishes analysts as qualified professionals in the financial services industry, and it enhances the understanding of actuarial work. The education is broad in nature, leading to enhanced career options in roles such as data analytics, technical analyst, data processing, financial IT, and even general management.

CAAs have access to networking, events, resources, continuing educational opportunities and more.

  • Jobs—There are roles for analysts around the world, and a CAA qualification will place you in a good position to obtain one.
  • Global passport—With this internationally recognized qualification, you are able to work worldwide.
  • Open doors—Gain greater access to a career in financial services and many other industries.
  • Recognition—Gain industry recognition of your skillset.
  • Flexibility, mobility and worldwide access—Study where and when it suits you, and take exams at any of the 1,500+ exam locations in over 170 countries.
  • Network—Communicate and learn with professionals around the world.