CPD Opportunities

Content of interest to CAA Global credential holders will be identified and updated frequently. Please visit this page to see information on CAA Global relevant sessions from the major meetings of the Society of Actuaries. SOA Center Affiliates will also receive a special SOA Center rate at these major meetings.


2017 Valuation Actuary Symposium

August 28-29, 2017

San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
San Antonio, TX

CAA Sessions for Continuing Professional Development Credit

  • Session 9: Panel Discussion Newly Proposed ASOPs: Modeling and Setting Assumptions
  • Session 28: Panel Discussion The Alphabet Soup of Risk Protection – ORSA & ERM
  • Session 38: Panel Discussion Accelerated Benefit Riders: Opportunities and Risks
  • Session 41: Panel Discussion Assumption Governance and Management – Advantages of a Formal Assumption Process Framework
  • Session 45: Professionalism Breakfast – What Would You Do?
  • Session 55: Panel Discussion Actuarial Professionalism – Complying with ASOPs #21 and #41
  • Session 78: Panel Discussion Professionalism for Health Actuaries



2017 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit

October 15-18, 2017

Hynes Convention Center
Boston, MA

CAA Sessions for Continuing Professional Development Credit

  • Session 18: Opening General Session
  • Session 26: Interactive Forum Model Risk Management
  • Session 27: Panel Discussion Impact of New Mortality Tables for U.S. Pension Plans
  • Session 29: Panel Discussion Tools and Data in the Underwriting Process
  • Session 40: Interactive Forum Leadership Presence: Portraying Confidence & Courage
  • Session 44: Panel Discussion Portfolio Optimization for Insurers: Balancing Multiple Objectives
  • Session 49: Panel Discussion Predictive Analytics ASOPs: Modeling and Setting Assumptions
  • Session 50: Panel Discussion Product Development in the InsurTech World
  • Session 56: Panel Discussion Applying Behavioral Economics Theory to Group Benefits
  • Session 63: Panel Discussion Mortality Hot Topics
  • Session 67: Panel Discussion Growing the Bottom Line through Predictive Analytics
  • Session 85: Interactive Forum How Much is ENOUGH for Retirement?
  • Session 98: Panel Discussion Latin American Update: Insurance & Pension Regulatory Topics
  • Session 103: Panel Discussion Use of Artificial Intelligence in General Insurance: Industry Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges
  • Session 105: Workshop Professionalism Potpourri: Making You a Better Actuary
  • Session 117: Buzz Group Predictive Analytics: Technical tools
  • Session 121: Open Forum Trends and Best Practices in Data Management
  • Session 123: Panel Discussion The General Insurance Industry and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Session 134: Panel Discussion Reducing Risk of Anti-selective Behavior in Underwriting Today and in the Future
  • Session 150: Panel Discussion The Digital and Technological Revolution Part 1: Nut and Bolts
  • Session 155: Panel Discussion Communication Breakdown
  • Session 165: Panel Discussion The Digital and Technological Revolution Part 2: Disruption
  • Session 182: Panel Discussion Investment Primer for Insurance Actuaries
  • Session 186: Interactive Forum Predictive Analytics: Driving Business Success
  • Session 192: Interactive Forum Professionalism in the Everyday Life of an Actuary