Code of Conduct

A Certified Actuarial Analyst (“CAA”) is a person who has completed the education pathway and has been granted the Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification by CAA Global. The SOA Center for Certified Actuarial Analysts (“SOA Center”) is accredited by CAA Global and is a professional organization for CAA qualification holders.

The purpose of the SOA Center Code of Conduct for Affiliates (“Affiliate Code”) is to require SOA Center CAA affiliates (“CAA Affiliates”) to adhere to high standards of ethical conduct and professional practice, thereby supporting the actuarial profession in fulfilling its responsibility to the public. This Affiliate Code applies to CAA Affiliates’ performance of services within their professional capacity as CAAs.

CAA Affiliates must comply with both the letter and spirit of the Affiliate Code. A CAA Affiliate who commits a material violation of the provisions of the Affiliate Code shall be subject to the discipline procedures of the SOA Center.

A CAA Affiliate’s employer or client is defined as the “Principal.”


1.1 A CAA Affiliate will not engage in any professional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation or commit any act that reflects adversely on the actuarial profession.

1.2 A CAA Affiliate will show respect for others, and will communicate and act with courtesy in all professional interactions, including with the SOA Center, CAA Global and other professional actuarial organizations.

1.3 A CAA Affiliate will be honest, open and truthful in promoting his or her business services and role within the actuarial profession.

1.4 A CAA Affiliate will use actuarial professional designations only when authorized to do so and will not misrepresent any actuarial professional qualifications.


2.1 A CAA Affiliate will perform all professional duties competently and with the appropriate standard of care.

2.2 A CAA Affiliate will not perform professional services unless he or she:

  1. has an appropriate level of relevant knowledge and skill; or
  2. is acting under the direct supervision of another professional who is taking responsibility for that work.

2.3 A CAA Affiliate will keep current with all SOA Center continuing professional development requirements.


A CAA Affiliate shall not knowingly perform services involving an actual or potential conflict of interest unless:

  1. the CAA Affiliate is able to act objectively despite the conflict;
  2. there has been disclosure of the conflict to the Principal; and
  3. the Principal has expressly agreed to the performance of the services by the CAA Affiliate.


4.1 A CAA Affiliate will not disclose to another party any confidential information unless authorized to do so by the Principal or required to do so by law.


5.1 A CAA Affiliate will comply with all relevant legal, regulatory and professional requirements and qualifications and will follow appropriate processes to report non-compliance by others.

5.2 A CAA Affiliate will respond promptly, truthfully and fully to any request for information by, and cooperate fully with, the SOA Center in connection with any disciplinary or other proceeding relating to this Affiliate Code.